Free Ahmed Zaoui

Ahmed Zaoui is a New Zealand citizen and democracy activist who was born in Algeria.

In October 2023 he was arrested and charged with subversion in Algeria after commenting on human rights violations at a political meeting at his home.

This website is to provide information about Ahmed Zaoui and his story and to advocate for his release.


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Podcast from NZ Herald

Enemy of the State chronicles an epic legal battle over the fate of Ahmed Zaoui, an Algerian who sought asylum in New Zealand in 2002. Zaoui was imprisoned for two years without charges, held under a security risk certificate.

The full RSAA Decision on Ahmed Zaoui

Read the full decision that sets out Ahmed's story up until his arrival in New Zealand and the confirmation Ahmed Zaoui "is a refugee within the meaning of Article 1A(2) of the Refugee Convention."

Frequently Asked Questions

"If Ahmed Zaoui has nothing to hide, why did he arrive in NZ on a false passport?" Answers to this and other common questions.